FCC Information


Registration 1026168


Location (in NAD83 Coordinates)

Lat/Long                41-14-13.2 N 080-25-47.2 W

City, State             Hermitage , PA 

Address                 Rt. 62, 2.7 miles E (PA07405-A)

Zip                       16148

County                  MERCER

Center of AM Array

Heights (meters)

Position of Tower in Array

Elevation of Site Above Mean Sea Level 387.1

Overall Height Above Ground (AGL)


Overall Height Above Mean Sea Level 448.1

Overall Height Above Ground 60.7

Painting and Lighting Specifications


FAA Notification

FAA Study             2011-AEA-1329-OE

Owner & Contact Information

FAA Issue Date       04/15/2011

FRN                      0007637762

Owner Entity Type Corporation 

Assignor FRN          0005793351


Assignor ID            L00296049

Atlantic Tower Company, Inc.
Attention To: Chester B Scholl Jr
32 Shenango Ave
P.O. Box PO Box 673 Sharon , PA 16146


P: (724)981-4800

F: (724)981-5376

E: scholl@scholl.org

Scholl , Chester B Jr
32 Shenango Ave
P.O. Box PO Box 673 Sharon , PA 16146

P: (724)981-4800

F: (724)981-5376

E: scholl@scholl.org


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